A high-quality, modern website is a great tool to help your business stand out. At Tiernan Tech, we can help you design a website that looks good and fulfills all of the functions you are looking for. In addition, we can assist in designing graphics for the site (such as a logo), taking photos for the site, and we can provide ongoing website maintenance.

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Whether you're looking for a personal website or one for your business, we offer a wide variety of custom website design services. We can put together a design for you that meets all of your needs and specifications. Samples of our work are lower down the page.
After we have built you a website, or if you already have one of your own, we can help take the frustration out of running updates, changing content, etc. We offer maintenance plans tailor made to work around what your needs are. Whether you're looking for the occasional picture or text added, or if you're looking for weekly changes to your site, we can help out.
In addition to designing websites, we can offer a variety of graphic work for you or your business. Services include creating custom graphics such as logos, and custom printed products such as business cards. Let us know what you need made and we'll make it.
Sometimes you only need a small change made to your site, such as changing the color scheme, updating your logo, or changing some links around. No matter what it is that you need, we'll get it done for you quickly and correctly.


Website Service Pricing

With website design, our prices vary quite a bit. Some services we will charge an hourly rate of $60/hour to work on. These would typically be for small changes or maintenance plans. With full website designs, we prefer to quote a project based on several criteria, such as size of the project, amount of graphics work needed, features requested, etc. We will also try to make a proposal that meets your budget. To get a quote for website service, fill out the form below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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    Examples of Our Work

    Below are some projects we have worked on. Click on an image to view the live site.