What Type of Networking Setup?

These include running network cables, installing switches and access points, and installing security camera systems. Whether you're looking to run networking in a new home or business, or are looking to simply upgrade the internet setup at your home, we can put together a solution that works for you. 

Network Installs

We can help you with doing some of the following:

  • Installing new ethernet cable and wall jacks
  • Put together a centralized setup, whether that be a server rack or something similar
  • Install access points to expand your wifi
  • Replace old/broken network equipment


Typically, we'll charge our hourly on-site rate of $50/hour plus any additional hardware cost. With larger jobs, such as installing cabling in new construction, we charge a lower hourly rate - around $30/hour depending on the job. To get an idea of the cost of hardware, let us know what you need and we'll get you a price. You can contact us at 515-523-8064 or get a hold of us here.

Security Camera Installations

With security camera installations, we can provide you various options based on your proposed budget. 

Typically, a security camera installation through us will consist of the following:

  • You'll let us know what exactly you are looking for, such as how many cameras, what your budget is, etc.
  • We'll take a look at your home/business/etc. to see how the camera arrangement would work best.
  • Then, we'll provide you a detailed quote showing what hardware we recommend based on your budget.
  • A time will be setup for an installation, which will include teaching you how to use the recording software after installation is complete.

To get started, contact us here.