What Are Our Maintenance Solutions?

We offer a variety of different computer maintenance deals, for both businesses and individuals. Below are some details on the various plans offered. Custom plans can be quoted to meet your needs, just contact me to arrange one.


Basic Maintenance Plan:

$30 per month per computer (plans available for alternating months as well)

With our basic plan, we will provide the following services on each visit:

  • Virus Scan/Removal and Antivirus Updates
  • Installation of Important Updates
  • Startup Optimization
  • Cleanup of Unwanted Files and Programs
  • Data Backups (As Requested)
  • Dust Cleanup (As Needed)

This plan includes same or next-day service if any issues arise. Also, if a part needs replaced, the labor will be free.


Premium Maintenance Plan With Hardware Replacement:

Three-year agreement: $70 per month per computer

Four-year agreement: $50 per month per computer

The premium plan includes all of the same services as the basic plan, with the additional service of free hardware replacement. What this means is that at one point during the term, each computer on the plan will be replaced with a new one (replacement computers will typically be in the $500-750 range, higher priced computers can be included in the agreement with a corresponding raise in monthly price). Keyboard, mouse, and surge protector included in the deal as well.

Additionally, if a part needs replaced, the hardware and labor costs will be covered.

** Hardware replacement does not cover computers damaged by user error or weather events. Depending on the situation, reduced costs could be arranged in these cases **

Sign Up for a Maintenance Agreement Today

To arrange for a maintenance agreement, stop by the shop at 100 NE 2nd Street in Stuart during open hours (click here for directions and store hours). You can also call me at 515-494-2119 to set up a time to meet and put together a maintenance plan.